Barcode Scanner Installed, Delete It Now

There is one thing in the Android world that is the biggest downside of all the beauty we love. Simply put, the application does not seem to scan for malware.

It is an uncompressed barcode scanner from Google Play. We don’t know how this started, we’re not sure, but millions of users have been found guilty of distributing malware to their phones.

Nathan Collier of Malware Byte added all of these to the article we recommend you read. You can find it here. In a nutshell, it claims that bytes of malware received strange reports of ad activity that users reported last December. They will see ads without taking any action in their default browser. This is a bad sign.

Since the public sharing of the most recent downloads has been removed, potentially vulnerable updates will remain a sensible option. A busy detective can understand what happened.

The barcode scanner was updated just before the first report, and since this is an indication, the December barcode reader update concluded it is a good malware supplier.

The funny thing is that since its launch in 2017, the app has become an invaluable utility for over 10 million users. Most developers will go out of their way for such a successful download history.

While many apps use ad delivery extensions to generate revenue, that’s not the case. It’s like comparing a fast but honest used car dealer to a cheater who deliberately sold you lemons. Both are boring but one is definitely offensive.

Gizmodo is also following this evolving story. From the Gizmodo article here:

“Owner of the Lava Bird Limited barcode scanner. It was founded in 2020 and registered in London according to the current online record. The director of Dimitro Kisema company lives in Ukraine.

Gizmodo contacted Lava Bird to let us know if we got a response. “

Until then, check your phone carefully and if you find a barcode scanner take it out!


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