5 Best Games for Kids

Parents can feel overwhelmed right now, and for good reason. In addition to dealing with stress and household chores on their own, they may want to help their children navigate the unexplored learning maze of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many countries have closed all offices, faculties and businesses. Those at home are also encouraged to follow social distancing rules, which in many cases means families are more isolated than ever.

As adults are forced to work on the Internet, teens are looking for other activities, including homework. For their own mental health, parents need to provide their children with quality and hopefully educational entertainment.

Taking lessons, collaborating, and working from home is easier than ever with ubiquitous Android devices and some great apps built through mobile web development, available for free or at low cost.

Learn to Read Your Samples: Phonological Games and Read:
This is a fun app perfect for kids to learn sounds. Create monsters and go on adventures in scary places to find and connect the sounds of letters.

The story is true and the sport is both academic and motivating. This is a gem that cannot be mistaken for lost miles!

If you are teaching a young child to explore in the first reading level, immediately contact him and see how he has a ball exercise to look at his monsters.

In addition to identifying letters and sounds, this game also teaches children to make combinations and divide them into chapters. Synthetic Phonics in an addicting, fun and modern game for free!

YouTube Kids:

YouTube Kids is specially designed and selected for kids. It offers educational films and entertainment materials to inspire and interest young minds. This is one of the great kids entertainment apps that gives your kids all the parental controls they need, giving kids tons of high quality videos.

Plus, they can find anything that reflects their creativity. This app is a great way to let your kids figure it out on their own when you set the boundaries correctly.

YouTube Kids offers content exclusively for children.

Khan Academy Kids: free educational games and books:

Khan Academy Kids is one of the best educational apps.

It has been around for several years and continues to receive five-star reviews from thousands of users. It contains literally thousands of educational activities, and if you just download the app for your kids, this is what you need.

Children can learn to read, speak, write, math, social-emotional development, and more.

Outdoor games and activities, such as painting and painting, encourage creativity and self-expression.

Ablo – make friends all over the world:

Don’t forget about the social development that your kids really need. Ablo is a way to fill the void created by the pandemic.

They might not be able to schedule games, invite classmates, or attend parties, but they can still make new friends.

As Abloh embraces the world, in addition to the purely social aspects of friendships and interactions with them, the app also includes language translations so kids can learn about other cultures. This is a chat app that allows kids to chat and chat with their new friends around the world.

Ablo reads, writes and speaks your language, Ablo translates your text and even your spoken language during video calls. Say hello and learn more about your friends’ culture and language, as well as where they come from.


Poptropica is a story-driven game that allows kids to customize their characters and all their missions, and play with friends in a safe environment. Kids love to update their avatars and complete missions to earn rewards.

Every month over 6 million children around the world find exciting and evolving international entertainment.

Chances are your toddler or one of his friends is a big fan of the game.

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